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Letter: Taxing online retailers wont help brick-and-mortar stores

I disagree with the News’ opinion that the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of South Dakota’s sales tax on internet purchases will help brick and mortar store. Especially in South Dakota with its entire population under 900,000 and in New York where we’ve already been paying sales tax for online purchases. The genie is long out of the bottle on the convenience and price advantages of online retail, regardless of sales taxes. I and I assume most people, will not go down to the local store to buy my batteries, clothes, pet medications and on and on unless they meet or beat the online price. And even then why waste my time, use my gas and get aggravated when everything I want comes to me. Honestly, how many things in life do you need right now that you can’t wait two days for? Delivery even comes on weekends these days. My reality is that unless it’s a niche product that I can only get at a local place and which I probably already am, I’m staying online. You can make a level playing field, it doesn’t mean we have to play.

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