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Forget the nuclear summit  North Korea's news agency focuses on a fish restaurant

Forget the nuclear summit — North Korea Lee Sang Yong, editor in chief of Daily NK, said their sources reported a crackdown on communication with the outside world in recent weeks, as well as increased signal-jamming, making cell connections in the border region with China more difficult. Municipal officials and the police have received orders to “strengthen control over the population,” the site quoted one source as saying. “They have been told to focus particularly on collecting information about the popular response to the upcoming summit.” Lee said reactions within North Korea appeared split between the emerging middle class and marginalized average citizens. Those with business interests spoke of optimism for increased trade opportunities and investment with the potential lifting of sanctions, Lee said, while those with little contact with the outside world seemed puzzled at talks with a sworn enemy state. “Americans were supposed to be wild dogs, never to be trusted,” he said. For some in North Korea, warming relations with Washington and any concession of nuclear weapons may be a tough sell, said Balbina Hwang, a visiting professor at Georgetown University and a former senior advisor at the State Department. “The entire society and nation has essentially been told, ‘You and your children and your parents have starved yourselves … in order to sacrifice for our country to survive because the world, and especially the U.S., will annihilate us,’ ” she said. “This is the entire raison d’etre of how this society has not fallen apart.” But any wariness will be offset by seeing a North Korean head of state for the first time on equal footing with an American president, analysts said. “It’s going to make [Kim] look respected and powerful. … He’s setting these ambitious goals and actually coming through on them,” said Jenny Town, a research analyst at the Stimson Center think tank and managing editor of 38 North, a respected academic analysis site on North Korea.

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Japan bullet train compared to China, Korea, Russia  which is best? - Business Insider

1 Train C BulletTrain Japan China Korea Russia Best1 Same goes for the Shinkansen — plenty of room, even with a backpack. The seat was a bit stiff, however, as was the seat in the Chinese train. Things were a bit tighter in the KTX trains. The tray table unfolded instead of coming flat down, making for a tighter workspace when I was on my laptop. While I regret not getting a picture of it, the legroom on the Sapsan was huge. The seats were large as well, and comfortable to sleep in. The tray table reflected the size of the chair — wide enough for me to set my laptop and some USB accessories on it. Some high-speed trains in China have a dining car, but it's not like the dining cars of old. Rather than cook on-site, it offers prepackaged microwaveable meals. On the Beijing-Xi'an and Zhengzhou-Shenzhen trains I took, there was no dining car.

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